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“Vasarti Builders worked for me on two refurbishment projects and I have been impressed with their work and commitment. Every piece of work, from loft conversion, to fitting new toilet is kitchen is meticulously planned in advance, leaving no stress to the owner."


Paolo Casamassima, Enfield, North London 


“Great and professional, huge loft completed with great finishes in just one month, kitchen installed impeccably. Would definitely recommend Vasarti Builders!"


Yulia, Winchmore Hill, North London 

Welcome to Vasarti Builders, a reputable building company with over 15 experience of building work. With focus on North and East London, we specialise in lofts and all types of building work. We are happy to provide free estimates for any building project you may be interested in undertaking.


At Vasarti Builders, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, commitment, attention to details, quality and competitive prices.  


Vasarti Builders is a company registered in UK and Ireland, registration number 10945173.


If you would like a free estimate, have any questions or would like further information, please visit our Contact Us page.